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"Justine" by Ready to Sew Skirt Review

The Justine is a gathered rectangle skirt with a button front as is also a FREE sewing pattern by Ready to Sew. I didn't have any longer skirts in my closet so this seemed like a perfect easy sew to solve that problem. I added a waist tie because that's is my favorite thing to add to garments right now and it does help the skirt stay put on the natural waist, as the rayon fabric I used tends to stretch out a bit throughout the day.

I bought the fabric on clearance from a local shop and it is super soft and drapey, but unfortunately the quality isn't great but I can't really complain as it was on clearance, probably for a reason. There a a few white lines that appeared while sewing the button holes, but it is not very noticeable.

The construction of the skirt was fairly simple as it is basically a few rectangles gathered into a smaller rectangle, so this pattern is great for beginners. I had a lot of fun sewing this one and gave me some practice sewing button holes as this skirt required nine! The pattern requires 2 meters of fabric but I managed only using 1.5 meters and ended up with very little scraps! woohoo!

Overall this was a success and I will most likely make this pattern again in the future and maybe try a knee length version, or as a base for a dress.

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