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Linen Kielo Wrap Dress

I got this yarn dyed striped linen with a different project in mind, although when I received the fabric I quickly changed my mind. I had plans to make bottoms of some sort, either a pair a pants or culottes, but since the fabric is more shear than I was expecting I decided to go with the kielo wrap dress by Named Clothing. This still posed a problem for the sheerness but I decided to also make an #odencami hack and create a slip underneath.

This dress was a super simple sew, and because I used linen, even more so. The pattern suggests using a stretch jersey, but I'm a rebel and decided to go with a 100% Linen. I had some doubts about fitting the final garment as I didn't do a mock up either, but I was pleasantly surprised and it turned out to fit great! Keeping ease in mind, I decided not to sew the back darts, only the front darts in order to give more room. The only adjustments that were made were raising the hem by 5+ inches or so since I'm short at 5ft 2; and also had to raise the back slit about the same amount.

Overall I'm super please with this dress, it is perfect for a hot summer day. I will definitely be sewing up another one someday...maybe a cotton jersey with long sleeves for cooler months.

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Hi! What does this mean: “I decided to also make an #odencami hack and create a slip underneath.” I love your linen look and have the linen. I’ve only made a couple garments, so I don’t remember all the words, and mine would need a slip, too. Thanks.

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