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Pattern Testers for the Coquelicot Skirt

I got to say that the pattern testers for this skirt were the nicest and most supportive group of people and their help has been invaluable in making the Coquelicot skirt possible! I am so thankful for each of them for their help and knowledge and talents!

Here are some photos and feedback of their favourite things about the Coquelicot skirt:


Favorite thing: "The wrap style and the amount of swish view B has!"

Made View A and B

Ann @annabellebumps

"I love the pockets and can't wait to embroider mine. The adjustibility of the waistband is genius. I generally love how this skirt looks on me.

Made View A

Ruthmarie @miss.RM.Tenorio

"I like that I don't have to bother with buttons or a zipper. It makes it very easy to finish. I also like that it is very adjustable. I don't ever have to worry about taking it in or letting it out."

Made View A

Carmen @carmensews

Favourite thing: "The vintage vibe!!! Figure flattering design. It definitely will be a favourite to wear at the office."

Made View A

Maura @creativechronicles_

Favourite thing: "The whole concept! The adjustable fit is amazing!"

Made View B waistband + View A skirt combo

Cynthia @cynthiakrafts

Favourite thing: "The style and big pockets. The flexibility it gives you."

Made View A

Danielle @gooseberrysews

Favourite thing: "The flexibility in sizing! Im wearing a pre-pregnancy size but still fit 34 weeks pregnant! I also love the vintage look combined with 18th century style pockets. The pockets are such a great place for a fun fabric or embroidery."

Made View A

And a 2nd one!

Ema @ema_avarvarii

Made View B

Elisa @lachitina

Favourite thing: "The Pockets!"

Made View A

Marissa @sinistra.marissa

"I'm obsessed with the pockets and how long the ties are!"

Made View B waistband + View A skirt Combo

Emilie @emilieperson

"I find the pattern really great and very ingenious with the adjustable belt. It is really practical and original. The pockets are really a plus, and it was really fun to sew."

Made View B waistband + View A skirt Combo

Judith @judithsolty

Favourite Thing: "The Pockets! The waistband construction, easily modifiable -> endless options."

Made View B

Esther @esthermakesadventures

"The best part of this skirt is the ADJUSTABILITY! I love that it incorporates an 18th Century style pockets because who needs puny pockets when your phone is the size of your face."

Made View A

Haleyy @patchesandhems

"I love the bias hem finishing. Honestly genius and I will be taking that knowledge with me to future circle skirts. I love the lacing idea for view B waistband. It is super functional for me, and also distributes weight super well which was nice because my skirt unexpectedly ended up being very heavy. The seam finishings in general are all very clever and utilitarian, I approve!"

Made View B waistband + View A skirt Combo

And made a 2nd one!

Christi @christihayes52

Favorite thing: "That it is adjustable, great petite length, pockets, and it is a quick sew."

Made View A

Heather @Heathermoon017

"I have never made a pattern with such clear pattern pieces and instructions. Everything about each piece and it's included finishings was so satisfying to work through. "

Made View B

And a 2nd one!

Ina @microscopic.stitches

"Oh boy, I just love the fact that it's adjustable. I usually vary in waist circumference by about 3 to 4 cm. I also love the big pockets (can fit a good snack, very important)."

Made View B

Ioanna @alleycraft

"I loved the pockets and the the fact that there is no zip!"

Made View A

Jessica @newportfiberarts

Favourite thing: "It sews up very quickly and easily!"

Made View A

Mary @mnseamstress

"The adjustable waistband and big 'ole pockets. The swishability is great too. "

Made View A

Mel @Kingwoodcreating

"I love how customizable it is!"

Made View B waistband + View A skirt Combo

Emily @emilybunnycat

"I love how unique it is! Truly nothing like it! I love the lacing part and the pockets were fun to make."

Made View B

Mona @sewagainstthegrain

Favourite thing: "The pockets! I love them!"

Made View A

Nathalie @nath_design20

Favourite things: "The pockets, easy to follow instructions, I like the aspect that it is a flexible skirt ( I'm currently pregnant and I know I could wear it for a while. The length of the skirt is really nice too and you can color block if you want to. "

Made View B

Odessa @des_the_crafty_fox

"I love the deep pockets and the clever 18th-century petticoat style of closure."

Made View B

Roxanne @roxandcrafts

"I love the pockets!"

Made View A

Cara @carabyrdcrafts

"It is a really interesting pattern (maybe not something I would have normally picked out for myself) - but it is really cute on. The pockets and the adjustable waistband are big pluses!"

Made View A

Casey @noirgirl39

Favorite thing: "The pocket construction, the lace up waist, the ties, the fullness of View B"

Made View B

Svenja @svenja_mags

"I love the D-Ring, so clever and comfy. Literally a Gamechanger in Circle Skirts."

Made View A

A big thank you to all my incredible pattern testers!

Thank you for reading and remember the Coquelicot skirt is 20% off until the end of April!

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